But the other sense of Karate - Do is "The way of Self-perfection through the practice of techniques of emptiness". It is a journey which begins with the Physical and ends with the Spirit. The ultimate goal is to develop the spirit.

Karate is one of the oldest and most effective means of fighting known to man. It is the ultimate art of umarmed combat as well as being a superb system of achieving physical fitness and control. It consists of stretching, body conditioning, body shifting, blocking, punching, striking, kicking, throwing and meditation.Though it can be aggressive, it is taught and practised by most groups as self - defence - countering an attack on an individual.

Karate simultaneously developes all the powers of your body and mind. It strengthens and trains your hands, head, knees, feet and elbows as your powerful weapons. The entire body becomes more alert and you develop such control and presence of mind that you can handle any situation with calmness and confidence.

Karate movements may seem very odd for a laymen, but each movement is based on Sound physical and physiological principles. The body's movements are perfectly harmonised in techniques involving subtle balance and controlled strength.

Many people are under the ipression that Karate only means brick and board breaking and tile and ice crushing. In reality, breaking form is a means of demonstrating the poer of Karate blow.

For just good exercise, Karate ranks among the best,because it utilises all parts of the body and keeps them in tone. Unlike other exercises that are often boring, Karate is always challenging and especially purposeful.